Give Me All Your Creamer


Hurray for crazies!  This customer got upset over something ridiculous. From what I understand, she was pissed we wouldn’t give her free food. She ordered fries only, and when she got them she was mad because there wasn’t a burger to go with it. We told her she had to pay for one and she responded “I don’t have any money!” We apologized but she just got more irate and finally we had to kick her out. On her way to the door she stopped by the drink station and emptied all the lemon wedges and creamers into her purse, then threw the inserts into the stand. Um, psycho much?


About britheblogger

I am an Orange County native who is closer to 30 than 20, prefers comedies to dramas, loves healthy food and crap food equally and believes bad days can be cured with a walk on the beach. Mother to a very smart, funny, energetic and opinionated blue eyed toddler. Nanny to a teen who is athletic, sarcastic, intelligent and always looking out for the underdog. Wife to a man who serves his family selflessly, is incredibly handy and an amazing cook. We have four rules in our home: love God, love each other, eat In N Out and always cheer for the Angels.

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