12 points are better than 2


I am not a soccer fan.  It’s too much running for too little pay out. Seriously, these guys run around a field for 80 minutes and only average 2-3 points? Lame sauce. Now I understand why every touchdown in Football is worth 6 points. It’s just so much more encouraging to see 12 points on the scoreboard rather than 2. The LA Galaxy doesn’t have fireworks like the Angels, a great marching band like USC, cheerleaders like the Chargers or a 95% chance of celebrity sighting at a game like the Lakers. Seriously, people, where is the entertainment? And what is up with those obscene noisemakers? I know it’s unique to this year’s World Cup, but still it’s enough to turn diehard fans into skeptics.

Despite all of its faults, I may have found soccer’s one spark of coolness. Their players are absolute drama queens. OMG, when those guys get hurt it is absolutely hysterical. They roll on the floor, clutching themselves and wincing. I think a few of them might even squeeze out a tear or two. It is absolutely ridiculous to watch grown men, athletes, withering into wimps if another player so much as pokes them. I had a quite a good time watching Brazil v. Ivory Coast today. I’ve included a video clip below. Fast forward to about 2 min and you’ll see a brilliant example of what I’m talking about.

Now the announcers did say that being dramatic over injuries is part of the game. I would love it someone could explain that to me. Seriously, this is one aspect of soccer/football culture I’m very interested in. Besides, knowing that this is a common occurrence might convince me to watch a few more games…


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I am an Orange County native who is closer to 30 than 20, prefers comedies to dramas, loves healthy food and crap food equally and believes bad days can be cured with a walk on the beach. Mother to a very smart, funny, energetic and opinionated blue eyed toddler. Nanny to a teen who is athletic, sarcastic, intelligent and always looking out for the underdog. Wife to a man who serves his family selflessly, is incredibly handy and an amazing cook. We have four rules in our home: love God, love each other, eat In N Out and always cheer for the Angels.

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    • ya, that makes sense. For me as a viewer, though, more points means more entertainment.

      Do you happen to know if other countries pay thier professional soccer players very well? Which countires pay thier soccer/football players the most?

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