Love the way you lie


This video gave me chills.  As far as music goes, I love how incredibly raw and honest the song and the video are. I love that Rihanna did a video like this after everything she went through with Chris Brown. And I love that in Eminem’s comeback he is able to be realistic and honest without hating on everybody. As far as life goes, It breaks my heart to know that there are real people in similiar situations every day. In abusive relationships, struggling with anger, explosive personalities, wanting so desperately to love and be loved but not knowing how to live it.

While I personally have never struggled in this way, I know people that have. And so far, the only long lasting remedy I’ve seen in Jesus. Luckily, he does his best work when you’ve hit rock bottom, face down on the ground, burning in the consequences of sin. He doesn’t require a church building, a priest, a pastor or perfection. Just an open heart.


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  1. I’ve listened to this song and watched the music video many times, and I still don’t hear the condemnation of domestic violence in this. If anything, it sounds like he’s like, “You ever tell yourself you’re not gonna hit a girl, then you do, and then that bitch leaves? Bummer. Me too.” It makes the ultimate consequence of domestic violence appear simply to be the woman leaving. If you are not well-versed on cycles of violence, I don’t know that you would pick up on the fact that Eminem is trying to show how destructive those cycles are. It just looks like he’s sincerely pleading with his girlfriend, and she’s fed up and won’t come back. It’s a sad story. You almost feel bad for him. What people really need to know, though, is that the girl is leaving because there’s no excuse for what he’s done. It shouldn’t take repeated, insincere apologies. The first time should be enough.
    The relationship he’s discussing in this song also isn’t the kind of abuse that has a clear victim and aggressor. In this song, both people in the relationship are abusive to each other. The girlfriend leaving doesn’t have the same power, because she’s “just as bad” as he is, according to the lyrics. I’m not saying that abuse doesn’t count if both people do it, but what does this teach people who are simply getting thrashed by their partners, and don’t feel they can stand up to that person physically or emotionally?
    And the video makes the abuse look romantic. The couple beats each other up, and then they have passionate sex. Some might think that worth it. The Rihanna hook is supposed to be ironic, but nothing about the way she sings it tells us that. In the beginning, she tries to look sad while singing it, but the rest of the video she’s dancing, wearing tiny little shorts, and more or less doing her normal Rihanna sexy act. I don’t mean to sound like I’m saying that being sexy invites abuse, but I think that, in this case, it distracts from the serious nature of the song. The viewer shouldn’t be alternating between thinking, “Wow. This situation is horrible,” and “Rihanna’s got a killer ass.”
    Luckily, the song is being talked about so much, that I think that the talk is what’s doing the educating. The song/video, if left to themselves, don’t make a strong enough statement, to me. Considering the whole country is talking about what it’s SUPPOSED to mean, though, I think it has an impact in that sense.
    ::steps off soapbox::

    • Love your insight, not sure I totally agree. I think that all of the burning symbols and analogies, particularly the house burning at the end, is symbolizing the ultimate destruction that comes from abusive. The girl doesn’t just leave…their whole life gets destroyed.
      As far as people not understanding that Eminem is discussing the destructive cycles of abuse, I think that is pretty evident. The video starts and ends the exact same way, symbolizing one giant cycle. They fight, they make out, fight and make out. I even took it a step further and saw this song and video as a raw honest look at the cycle of sin in general. Everyone at one point, most of us at multiple points, feel trapped by a sin we can’t get out of regardless of how hard they try. I don’t feel bad for Eminem but u sure as he’ll can relate to his hopelessness and desperation. That’s what I like so much about the song. I think if we all took an honest look at ourselves we could find a sin cycle that is destroying us.
      As far as Rihanna goes, I agree she is distracting. I never thought of it before but I agree with you that her slinky outfit detracts from the seriousness of the song which is a shame because the irony of her presence could have been very powerful otherwise.
      Good grief Corri! It’s freaking 1:00am and I should be sleeping but nooo you had to engage me in a communications critique of Eminem! Haha jk I love it. But I really do need to sleep now. Thanks for reading

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