4 minutes left


I forgot to blog this morning, but I am determined to stay consistent with my blogging this year and post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, I only have four minutes left on my lunch break. So here it goes.

I am super stressed at work today. I don’t understand how I can clearly communicate one thing to somebody and they think it to mean something else. I also don’t understand how people can think that they communicated something to me and I still have no idea what they are trying to say. What is with that? I am a freaking communications major, why is communication so hard?!?

On a happier note, I’m watching the show Bones with my sister tonight. I love that show. LOVE IT! It’s a crime show with suspense, comedy, romance and an incredibly good looking cast. Seriously, I could look at David Boreanz (sp?) all day. Don’t tell Joe, he gets jealous 😉

Birthday party tonight with some dear friends of ours. Unfortunately hubby won’t be joining me because he is in the mountains with his friends from church. I will miss him, but Cierra, Amanda H and I will live it up! O, and I guess we will have fun with Tim too, since it is his birthday and all. If you don’t those people, I’m sorry for talking about things that don’t pertain to you. The next post will be more relevant. Hopefully

Ugh, lunch break is over. Sad day. Have a safe weekend. See you on Monday


About britheblogger

I am an Orange County native who is closer to 30 than 20, prefers comedies to dramas, loves healthy food and crap food equally and believes bad days can be cured with a walk on the beach. Mother to a very smart, funny, energetic and opinionated blue eyed toddler. Nanny to a teen who is athletic, sarcastic, intelligent and always looking out for the underdog. Wife to a man who serves his family selflessly, is incredibly handy and an amazing cook. We have four rules in our home: love God, love each other, eat In N Out and always cheer for the Angels.

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