My Fav Five Unique Board Games


I am a huge fan of games. Board games, card games, group games…I love them all. As someone who never really got into the whole drinking/ party/ clubbing scene, games have always been my way of bonding with a group of people, whether it was the girls in my dorm room, my family, our small group at church, the kids I worked with at the YMCA or my husband. I enjoy many of the common games: Cranium, UNO, Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Taboo, etc but I have also found some incredibly fun, not so common games. I’d like to share 5 of my all time favorites.

  1. Wits and Wagers. My brother got me and Joe this game for Christmas. Its one of those awesome games where everyone gets to play at once so you don’t have to take turns (which is my least favorite part of board games.) Wits and Wagers is made by an interesting company called North Star Games. They have several other games that I’m excited to try, but haven’t yet, so I’ll just stick to talking about this one. It’s rather difficult to describe without you having the board in front of you, but I’ll try to give you a brief overview. Someone reads a questions and the answer is always a number. Everyone writes down an answer and then shows them to everyone. Once everyone has written a number, players bet on which answer is right. Its seriously one of the best group games we have ever played and I highly recommend it for your next birthday party, small group meeting or when you find yourself needing an activity for 5-7 friends.
  2. LIFE Twists and Turns. This is a twist on the classic game of LIFE. Only four people can play, so we usually bust this game out when we have another couple over for dinner. It is a lot more realistic than the original game of Life and a lot more exciting. You use an ATM card instead of cash and you can upgrade your car instead of being stuck with the same type all game. You can choose to live life as a workaholic, family man, adventurer, perpetual student or any combination of the above. If you like the original LIFE you will love this game and if you didn’t like original LIFE, check this one out anyways. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Pictophone. This is by far my absolute favorite game to play with a large group of people. It’s not a board game and it does go by many different names, depending on who you ask. Pictophone is the most descriptive, though. It is a combination of Telephone and Pictionary. Gather everyone in a circle and make sure everyone has a piece of paper for each person in the circle (i.e. if there are ten people in the circle every person should have ten pieces of paper). Players start out by writing a phrase, word, quote, song lyric…whatever. Then they pass it to the right. The next person had to draw a picture of what the person wrote. Then they pass it to the right again. This third player can only look at the picture that was handed to them. NO LOOKING AT THE ORIGINAL PHRASE. Then the third player must write what it is the previous player drew a picture of. The stack of papers passes to the right again and player number four must draw a picture of the phrase that player number three wrote. Again, no looking beyond what was given to you. Player number four cannot look at the phrase player 1 wrote or the picture player 2 drew. Once the stacks go all the way around the circle, each person gets to read their stack to the group and see how the message progressed. There are lots of fun variations to this game. Just last night I played with a group and we made it a rule that every time players wrote something it had to rhyme. So funny!@
  4. Dutch Blitz. Or as my sister likes to spell it, Duche Blitz. This game is a favorite amongst my mom’s side of the family. My aunts, cousins, siblings and my mom love gathering around the table to play. It’s an extremely fast paced card game that involves a lot of slapping…of cards, of hands and occasionally of faces 🙂 It’s hard to find it in stores, although we have been lucky on occasion. But you can find it on Amazon for about $12, just make sure you spell it right.
  5. No Thanks. This is another fun game my husband and I just recently discoverd. It’s a card game and the purpose is to get the lowest points possible. You start with chips but nocards. A card gets turned right side up and you have to decide to pick it up, or play one of your chips to avoid picking it up. The card stays in play until someone picks it, and all the chips with it, up. So far we have only gotten a chance to play it with three people, which was fun, but you really need 4-7 people to make it exciting.Visit this site to see all the rules and find out where you can buy the game.

The Game of LIFE Twists and Turns. Come on over and play it with us!

Joe and I are always on the lookout for new games. Share your favorite games in the comments below, then invite yourself over to our place for a game night!


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