Funny Girl


Funny Girl, Funny Girl, who are you really Funny Girl?
What do you wish for? What do you think?
What do you want? What do you need?

Funny Girl, Funny Girl, put down your laughter, Funny Girl.
Take a moment to listen, a moment to think,
A moment to say something, not just to speak.

Funny Girl, Funny Girl, they’re waiting for you, Funny Girl.
Waiting for your help, your sympathy, your love,
Waiting for your knowledge, waiting for a hug.

Funny girl, Funny Girl, listen to Me, Funny Girl.
I created you for joy, not for mindless chatter,
I created you for relationship, not for hurtful banter.

Funny Girl, Funny Girl use your smile wisely, Funny Girl.
Use it to build up, not to destroy,
Use it as a tool, not as a toy.

Funny Girl, Funny Girl, open your bright eyes, Funny Girl
Look beyond the jokes, the laughter, the puns
Look beyond your stage and your needing to be loved.
See a world that’s hurting, desperate for My touch
See a world unhappy, battered and unloved.
Use your hears to listen, use your eyes to see
Use your arms to serve and My joy to set them free.

-Brianna Alexander, March 2011


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    • And me. I actually wrote this entire, super depression and contemplative essay. I don’t want to share that with the world just yet, but I’ll email it to your yahoo email so you can read it. I know you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

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