What Did the Alexanders Do in April?


Since I barely blogged during the month of April, there might be some of you wondering “what the heck was going on in Brianna’s life during the fourth month of year?” Wait, you weren’t wondering that? Well guess what, the whole reason why I have a blog is because I’m a narcissist who loves to hear, and see, herself talk. So whether you care or not, here are the Alexander’s life highlights from April.

  • We went to Opening Day at Angel’s stadium. It was actually quite disappointing for several reasons, but mainly because we lost. To the Toronto Blue Jays. They are barely even a team. It was sad, but I’m still really glad we went. Plus this is the Angel’s 50th anniversary, so it was especially cool to be part of that opening day.
  • I got the stomach flu for the first time in almost a decade. Those of you who know me know that I hate throwing up more than the average person. I feel neaseous on a fairly regular basis, but I usually just take deep breaths and talk myself out of vomiting. But this time I blew major chunks all over the street right in front of my bosses house while Sydney sat horrified in the car. It as not pleasant.
  • Joe is continuing school and really likes it. I’ve never seen him so motivated to do anything that required a text book.
  • Joe is also super excited about spring time and his garden. He is experiment with hydroponics… tomato plants, not weed…and he’s having a lot of fun with it. He has yet to grow anything super successful, but he’ll figure it out.
  • We talked a lot this month about buying a new car and a dog. We test drove some cars and played with some dogs, but have yet to make an actual purchase. If you have any suggestions for either one, let us know!
  • We hosted Easter again this year. Not as big and crazy as last year, but it was still fun. Joe smoked some brisquet and cooked some delicious lemon chicken. My mom got us our traditional chocolate bunny and Cadbury Creme egg and all the cousins did an Easter egg hunt.
  • We discovered Almond Milk. I’m trying to cut back on dairy aso we gave this a shot. Its not as good as milk but its not bad either. Its thicker than milk and a little sweeter.

Well that’s it. Now that I look at it all on paper its not that exciting. Sorry I just wasted your life. Better luck next time.


About britheblogger

I am an Orange County native who is closer to 30 than 20, prefers comedies to dramas, loves healthy food and crap food equally and believes bad days can be cured with a walk on the beach. Mother to a very smart, funny, energetic and opinionated blue eyed toddler. Nanny to a teen who is athletic, sarcastic, intelligent and always looking out for the underdog. Wife to a man who serves his family selflessly, is incredibly handy and an amazing cook. We have four rules in our home: love God, love each other, eat In N Out and always cheer for the Angels.

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