My First Guest Blog: The Global Mission


Last week, I had the honor of writing a guest blog post for The Global Mission. The Global Mission is a non profit organization whose goal is to “envision, equip and involve followers of Jesus Christ in the Great Commission.” The guy who runs the organization, Dave Brodsky, goes to my church and has organized some fantastic missions trips for our church members as well as many other people in the community.

My blog post is about a recent missions project that my church, Crossline, hosted and the Global Mission helped put together. We built a loft house for a family in Mexico. The walls, stairs and roof were built here, then all the parts were taken down to Mexico an assembled. I highly encourage you to read the article, not just because its written by your favorite blogger, but because it describes the project in a bit more detail and tells you how you and your community group can get involved.

If you’re of the praying persuasion, please pray that I am able to continue blogging for The Global Mission as well as for my church. My goal is to start a missions blog for Crossline that brings awareness to all the missionaries our church supports. Pray that I prepare my presentation, show it to the right people and get approval to start the blog before the end of the year, thanks!


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