I Want To Get My Zits Lasered Off


A friend of mine is getting a boob downgrade. A someone who has always had small boobs, I never really understood why people would purposefully make their’s smaller. I always wanted mine bigger. But she explained that her boobs have caused back problems and she’s sick of spending tons of money on high end bras and swim suit tops from Nordstroms. Apparently, only smalled boobed girls get to experience the joy of picking up a $15 t-shirt bra at Target. Good to know.

Anyways, her surgey got me thinking about what I would surgically change about my body if I could. A nose job? Maybe, but everyone says that my nose is not big, so I think my dislike for it is just a personal issue. Cellulite? Boy wouldn’t it be nice if one surgery could take that away forever. But knowing myself, I’d just keep eating too much icecream and not excercising enough and my cellulite would be back in 6 months. I do really wish I could get a hair transplant. I’m over these thin, listless locks. I want some volume! But alas, I’m genetically doomed in that category.

Then it hit me. I want to get my acne scars lasered off. I think I’ve found a skin care regime that will finally limit my break outs, and I’ve gotten much better at taking care of my skin. I’m pretty confident that if I got the scars lasered off, I wouldn’t get any back. I’m good about putting sunscreen on my face and I wear a lot of hats in the summer. I wouldn’t feel guilty, as if I was taking the easy way out instead of working. I would getting something done that I don’t think can be done without surgery (although now that I think about, I’m sure there are some ways. Anyone care to enlighten me?) and I know I would be a good steward of the surgery and take care of my skin afterwards so I didn’t continuously need the same treatment over and over.

So, if anyone has a $500,000 they want to give me (I know surgery doesn’t cost that much, but I would feel guilty getting surgery without first getting a car and buying a house. $500,000 should cover it all) I’ll get right on that skin laser surgery.

What’s one cosmetic surgery you would like to have? Tell me in the comments below. Or tell me I’m a terrible person for considering such a shallow thing. Whateves.


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