I’m So Excited For…



  • The season premier of BONES!!! This is in my top five favorite shows of all times and I was so sad when I learned the season premiere would be delayed by two months, especailly with the crazy cliff hanger from last season. But, the time has finally come and I am like a kid in the candy shop.
  • Thanksgiving. I don’t care that stores already have Christmas decorations up.  IT’S THANKSGIVING TIME DARN IT! Celebrate the pilgrims in November and Christmas in December.
  • Family pictures. This weekend we are getting family pictures taken by an old high school friend of mine. We haven’t had pictures taken since the wedding so it will be nice to get some new shots done. Plus, we’ll have something nice for the Christmas card.
  • Our new car. I’m not sure what we are getting, or exactly when we are getting it, but we are getting one soon and I can’t wait. I spend so much time in the car, I need some new surroundings.
  • Blogging. I set a goal in the middle of October to blog every day, and so far I’ve done a prtetty good job of keeping to that goal. I’ve missed a day here or there, but I’ve kept to this goal much more than previous blogging goals. Plus, I’ve expanded my blogging habits a bit and did a guest blog post a few weeks ago. I’m excited about the opportunities that are going to come with my dedication to blogging.
  • Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate. Its delicious. Go to Sprouts and get some right now!

Well that’s what I’m excited about. What are you looking forward to this week?

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