Three Strikes You’re…A Turkey?


I’ve always had a slight problem with bowling. For one thing, the fact that a strike is good always throws me off. In baseball (my favorite sport, Go Angels) strikes are bad, in the law enforcement system they are bad, why does the bowling world think it can suddenly make strikes good? Its weird. My other issue with bowling is that I’m not very good at it. I’m quite terrible actually. And being the stuck up perfectionist that I am, I don’t typically enjoy things that I’m terrible at.

However, since I’m not a partier and don’t usually hang out in bars or clubs, I have often found myself hanging out at a bowling alley with my friends (some geeky, some goody two shoes, some socially awkward and some still recovering from their crazy parties the night before). So today, I present you with my three favorite bowling alleys. Why three? Because three’s a turkey…and a crowd…and an out…and a jail sentence…

1) Fountain Bowl

I love this place for two reasons. One, they have a toy machine that gives out stick on mustaches for a quarter. For reasons I don’t even understand, I’ve decided stick on mustaches are really cool and any place that sells them is a cool place by default. My friends and I recently went “mustache bowling” at Fountain Bowl and we were cracking up the whole time (which made it very hard to keep the mustaches on).

The second awesome thing about Fountain Valley Bowl is that they have a laser maze. You know how in secret agent movies there is always a room with a bunch of lasers and the agent has to duck and jump and twist to get past them? That is a laser maze and you can live out your fantasy of being a secret agent by going through the laser maze. Its a surprisingly good time. The official cost is $3 per turn, but when we went it wasn’t very busy so the guy let us in for just a $1, so hopefully you’ll get that lucky as well.

orange county bowling alley

Mustaches have more fun

2) Bowlmor Lanes

Despite its really nerdy and incredibly uncreative name, Bowlmore Lanes is a pretty happening place. It has comfy couches instead of hard plastic chairs, a bar with delicious food instead of crappy snack bar food, plus lots of neon lights and good music. Best of all, it doesn’t have that weird feet smell that other bowling alleys have (I’m talking to you Lake Forest Lanes!)

Bowlmor is a lot like Dave and Busters in that they’ve management to create one space where adults and kids can have fun. Bowling by itself is usually popular with all age groups, but add some drinks and its even more popular with adults, add bright shiny lights and chicken nuggets and its even more popular with the kids. My boss loves this place and has had company parties and her daughter’s 8th birthday here, and at both events everyone had a great time.

Fair warning: this place is a lot pricier than its counterparts so be prepared to bring a full wallet.

3) Saddleback Lanes

To be honest, there isn’t anything super spectacular about Saddleback Lanes. It’s simply a good place to go bowling. Its clean, the staff are helpful and its decently priced. This was the bowling alley we always went to when I was growing up and we always had a good time. They have decent snack bar food and an arcade with air hockey (side note, I’m a huge fan of bowling alleys with arcades. I can only handle about two games of bowling and then I have to go find something else to entertain me) A few years back they redid their bar area so it has some nice couches and quite a few digital t.v.s. They also do birthday parties.

Not nearly as fancy as Bowlmor, but its a lot more laid back and a lot cheaper. If you’re trying to find a way to spend family fun night, I definitely recommend Saddleback Lanes.

Where is your favorite bowling alley? 


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