January’s Pinterest Challenge


So at the beginning of the year, I set some goals for 2012. One of them was to do at least one thing from Pinterest every month. The purpose of this was 1) for me to try new things and 2) for me to justify the massive amount hours spent pinning crap.

For January, I choose to do one of the many exercise routines floating from pin board to pin board.

exercise at home

*originally taken from http://prettyfitbody.tumblr.com/

I choose this work out plan mostly because it allows me to use the spiffy green jump rope my sister got me for Christmas. Plus, its a great cardio work out and since I hate running but have the cholesterol of a 65 year old who has eaten bacon every day of her life, I really needed to find a creative way to pump up my heart.

Admittedly, I have only tried this three times so far and I have yet to make it through the entire routine. In my defense, I just started it last week and I’ve been sick this entire week, so I’ve had to stick to yoga and intense ice cream eating routines. (I put a little weight on my spoon to give my muscles a workout…just kidding I didn’t, but thats a good idea. PATENT PENDING! Don’t steal it).  But even though I’ve only done this routine thrice, I’ve enjoyed it. It’s really hard, and my calves hurt like hell afterwards, but it got me to work up a sweat and get my heart rate up without having to leave my house. For all you “to do” list lovers out there, this routine is awesome because during your 30 second break you can mark off the activity you just did. Fun times!

A few tips:

  • Get as far as you can the first time and make a note of how many activities you did. The next time, try to to do one or two more activities. Keep it up till you can get through the whole routine.
  • Create an LMFAO station on Pandora. Although these guys are arguably the most immature, vile, disgusting bands in current existence, their music, and music like theirs, has a beat thats perfect for cardio workouts. Plus, what better motivation to exercise than to to be sexy and know it?
  • If you don’t know what an activity is, just look it up on YouTube. There were quite a few that I hadn’t heard of before, so I just typed their name into YouTube and up popped tons of videos from exercise instructors.
  • Do as many of the exercises as you can, but if there is one you really don’t like (for me that would be Burpees) substitute it with an exercise you do like (for me that would be skaters).

Let me know if you try this routine and how you like it. Or tell me about any other things you’ve tried from Pinterest!


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