Best Mixed C.D. EVER!


So over the weekend I was attempting to organize and clean our room in preparation for our upcoming move (more on that later). Just as I was about to literally rip out my hair in frustration, I cam across a C.D. case. Opening it was like opening a time capsule. I found a wonderful collection of CMA music (Rebecca St. James, anyone?), some random bands I don’t remember and a fair share of mixed C.D.s burned by myself and friends. One in particular caught my eye. It was labeled “Best Mixed C.D. Ever!” I wonder what music past Brianna thought was the best ever…

Song #1 is “California” by Phantom Planet, which is pretty crazy because I JUST burned a roadtrip C.D. with that song on it. Clearly my fanatic love for all songs about California has not phased over the years.

Song #2 is “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. That song always reminds me of my trip to Maui right after graduation. Naphtali and I sang that whenever the clouds covered the sun.

Song #3 comes on and I laugh to myself. “You’re just to good to be true/Can’t take my eyes off of you/You’d be like heaven to touch/ I want to hold you so much.” I tried for MONTHS to make this me and Joe’s special song. See, for some reason it always bothered me that we never had a song, especially since Joe loves music so much. I wanted him so badly to tell me one night “This song reminds me of you.” Or for us to go to dinner, hear song, look deeply into eachothers eyes and know that we would be together forever. At the very least he could send me a singing telegram! But he never dedicated any songs to me, no romantic songs ever revealed themselves organically, so I tried to force one. But Joe, the hopeless practical, refused to particpate so this day, we are still songless.

Tracks 4,5, and 6 confuse me a bit. “Forever Young,” “Hey Jude,” and “Rock the House” are all great sounds, but I would never put them on something dubbed “the best mixed c.d. ever.” That’s an honor I usually reserve for trashy pop music and Ludacris. Then I realize that these are all songs that Joe really likes and I must have still been in that stage where I was trying to impress him with my good taste in music. Which, of course, I don’t have. My taste is bad, like i-voted-for-clay-aiken bad.

Track #7…YOU’S A HOE! There’s the Luda! Glad I didn’t completely sell out to impress my future husband. This song always reminds me of my good friend, Holly. For some reason we got the biggest kick out of this song in college and would sing it regularly. I think at one point we could actually sing every word. Such a classy bunch, those Vanguard ladies 😉

Layla by Bruce Springsteen is track #8. Now, this is a song that Joe introduced me too and that I actually really do like and would but on a “best mixed c.d.” again today. I love this song so much that I named our dog Layla. One day I’ll teach her how to dance to it and we’ll be a one hit wonder YouTube sensation.

Champagne Supernova by Oasis comes up next. Okay, maybe I do have some good taste in music. Did you know that the two guys that made up this band are brothers? But one walked out right before a performance one night and they haven’t talked since. Sad.

Song #10 is “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” Suddenly I know what year this C.D. was made in, 2007, the year I graduated and was sure my world was going to end because I was so ill prepared for life outside of college. Five years later, I still feel ill prepared. Maybe that will change one day. Or maybe I’ll just die.

“Chocolate” by Snow Patrol. Not sure if my love for ALL Snow Patrol albums confirms or denies my terrible taste in music. I’ll let you be the judge while I rock out to “Chasing Cars.”

Stairway to Heaven? What the heck? That was DEFINITELY put on there to impress Joseph. That song is sooo boring.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers win the 13th spot on my C.D. with “Free Fallin.” Honestly, I don’t really have much to say about that so…ya…

“Bad Moon Rising” is number #14 and I immediatly start bouncing and dancing, which is probably why it made it on the C.D. in the first place. I’m a sucker for songs that make me dance.

Not sure what song #15 is, and I’m too lazy to look it up. I’m afraid this post is getting long and boring and that most of you have tuned out. COME BACK! There’s just one more left.

OUT HERE IN THE FIELDS, I FIGHT FOR MY MEALS! Even though I wouldn’t but “Baba O’Riley” in my top ten today, I remember being in love with this song in college. One of my favorite managers and I used to sing this song alot when I worked at In N Out, and by sing I mean yell the first line really loud and mumble the rest while we played air drums. Good times.

And there you have it, a list of 16 songs that 20 year old Brianna thought were “the best.” What  about you? What was on your best songs list when you were 20? How about now?



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  1. Oh my, I LOVE finding old mixed C.Ds! It makes me smile when I listen to one with an N’Sync song or the Stacy’s Mom song- I always think of high school. 🙂

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