Best Bridal Shower Gift EVER!


Amanda is one of my dearest friends. We met ten years ago in what was arguably the worst PE class ever and we’ve seen each other through good boyfriends, bad boyfriends, the college years, family drama, work frustrations and the occasional boat explosion. She is an incredibly special person in my life and when I got the invitation to her bridal shower a couple weeks ago, I knew that I needed to her a super special gift.

I didn’t even bother looking at her gift registry. Instead, I reach into the creative crevices of my brain and came up with this brilliance:

bridal shower gift

It’s a scrapbook with 52 different date ideas, one for every week of their first year of marriage. It was a pretty big undertaking, so I got some of our other friends involved and made it a group gift.

date night ideas

I created 12 spreads, one for every month, and put 4-5 date ideas on each one. Some of the date ideas were seasonal (like going to the Orange Street Fair or looking at the Christmas lights at the Ritz) so I made sure to put them on the month when they should be done.

homemade gifts for brides

I had a really hard time deciding how the scrapbook should look. I literally spent 2 hours in the scrapbook section at Joanne’s staring at paper and stickers. At first I would decorate each page to match the season or holiday that took place in that month. But that looked to juvenile, so then I thought about doing a black and white theme but if you know me, you know that I always have to have some kind of color in my creations. In the end, I found some really cute vintage paper, stickers and cut outs. Amanda is going for the shabby chic look at her wedding and the scrapbook fits that theme pretty well.

wedding gifts

After each page with the date ideas, I inserted two blank pages with the idea that Amanda would take pictures of her and her new husband actually implementing the dates ideas. Amanda’s not super crafty, so that will probably never happen, but its a nice thought.

bridal shower gift ideas

In addition to the book, we also gave her a few presents related to the date ideas. One idea was to have a picnic at the beach, so we got her a picnic basket with wine and snacks. I came across a Groupon for archery lessons so I got that for them too, and my mom got them a gift certificate to the Improv in Irvine.

Amanda in her signature color, purple. Me in my signature color, bright.

For those of you interested, here is the complete list of 52 date ideas.


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    • Love your blog…your so much better at keeping up with it than I am.

      Did you get to say “hi” to Joe? He so zoned when he’s at work, most people try to get his attention and can’t, haha. I just yell at him or tell whoever is taking my order to get his attention. Hopefully he say you and said “hi”

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