About Bri

I’m closer to 30 than 20. Married to a truly wonderful man who has the unique ability to make me laugh whilst simultaneously wanting to strangle him.  I watch too much t.v., don’t read as much as I’d like, am horribly messy and disorganized, and my definition of exercise is dancing while I do my grocery shopping. I have an unhealthy affinity for bright colors, 90’s pop music, and frozen yogurt.

About The Teen

She’s 11 going on 25. I’ve had the privilege of being her nanny, or as she calls me her fun director, for four years and I’ve loved every minute. She’s athletic, sarcastic and too smart for her own good. She always looks out for the underdog.  She loves all things luxurious and will either have to marry rich or make a ton of money on her own because her tastes are not cheap.

About The Tot

Last year my Mr and I were blessed with an adorable little boy with piercing blue eyes and a smile that lights up a room. We had never planned on having biological children, but he was the best thing we never knew we needed. He’s very social, vocal, opinionated, stubborn and hilarious. He’s learning and growing so quickly there are some days I can’t keep up. But every day with him is a joyful, loving, exhausting and frustrating experience.  Being a mom is super strange but I’m so glad I get to be one.


This blog has evolved quite a bit over the years and I like to keep a record of my past bios to see where I’ve come from and get a sense of where I’m going.

A 24 year old wife, friend, daughter, sister and college grad. I watch too many sitcoms and I have a bad habit of constantly dancing in public (it’s not pretty). I have the rare blessing of actually being able to work in a job that my degree trained me for. It makes sending that giant loan payment in every month a little less painful. I’ve lived in Orange County my whole life, but the poor parts, not the fancy TV nieghborhoods. But even has a poor resident I’m spoiled with beautiful weather, constant beach access and a Disneyland pass for 5 years running. I kind of love it here.

I used to sit around waiting for my life to happen, until I realized “This is it! This is my life.” It may not be as glamorous or as important as I thought it would be, but I’ll be damned if I just let it slip through my fingers. So I live everyday thankful for my amazing husband, loyal family, hilarious friends and all the little adventures we encounter. I live everyday trying to make a small, beneficial difference in the lives of those around. I live everyday trying to bring glory to the God who put me on this earth. I enjoy everyday, and then I blog about it!

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  1. You make some good points here. I do often feel as if I am waiting for my life to start because my real life could not possibly be this boring or meaningless! Thanks for the reminder to make the best of everyday and live it for God’s glory and not my own fulfillment.

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