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Thoughts after the Michael Brown verdict


Below is something written by an acquaintance of mine, Donna Simone Johnson. I felt it was compelling and wanted to share. As a white, middle class woman living in Orange County, it is very easy for me to simply not think the Michael Brown case. But I believe the case and the events that are unfolding have major implications for the future of our country. It’s an issue we should all be thinking about, praying about, talking about, doing something about.

“”Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
This is about all of us, no matter where you live or who you are. We all have dogs in this fight, and it’s really as simple as being for us or against us. I still cannot fathom how some of you have stayed silent these last 3 1/2 months. What a luxury. What privilege. Faith without works is dead. Love without action is meaningless. I stand, scream and rage because it’s the RIGHTeous thing to do. No Justice, No Peace.”

I really don’t know what I can do about this issue except to use it as a teaching tool for the Teen and the Tot. I can’t change laws, put camera’s on cops, stop the violence in Ferguson, speak at a rally, or hold the hand of Michael Brown’s mother*. But if I can help raise two more decent people, people who will stand for the oppressed and fight for what’s right and, most importantly, follow the except of Jesus Christ, then Michael Brown’s death has not been in vain.

Remind them to be respectful of everyone they come in contact with. This doesn’t mean they have to be friends with everyone, or that they have to agree with everyone, or that they have to like everyone. But they must be respectful. That means no name calling, no violation of property, no bodily harm. It also means speaking out when you see someone disrespecting someone else. This one is hard for me, I hate confrontation. But the Teen is so good about this, she isn’t afraid to vocally and physically stick up for the oppressed. I hope the Tot learns from her.

Challenge their prejudices.  Everyone has prejudices. It’s how we learn. We put things into categories so that we can make sense of the world. Right now, my tot thinks all four legged creatures are dogs. But soon he will learn that there are also cats, rabbits, iguanas, wolves, lions, etc. As we grow older, our prejudices should become weaker. As we visit more places, talk to more people and experience new things those boxes that we put people into should start to crumble. So as the teen and the tot grow, I will constantly challenge those prejudices and show them people instead of categories.

Work with them against prejudice. I read something the other day, I think it was a quote, that said being prejudice, specifically racially prejudice, was easy. It’s the easiest thing in the world to judge another human simply by their skin color. And it’s true. But it’s not okay. So as I continue to work against my own prejudices, I will help the teen and the tot work against theirs. I will challenge them to ask questions, listen to people’s stories, extend grace, reserve judgement.

Continuously point them to Jesus. He’s the only constant, the only truth, the only example of true goodness and justice.

*If you know of others ways I can be involved in fighting for this issue, let me know!

8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Bri


Remember back in high school when you would email your friends or post to MySpace those random questionnaires? I loved those things. I loved learning random facts about my friends and sharing things about myself. I thought about finding an old one and posting it here, but lets be real, those things were long and I don’t have time to fill one out and you don’t have time to read it. So instead, I’ll just share 8 fun facts you might not know about me. And if you want to share some fun facts about yourself in the comments, I’d love to hear them.

  1. Tree roots freak me out.
  2. I have a fascination with space. When I was in 2nd grade my table won some contest and every one got Skittles. I hated Skittles so my teacher gave me a book about space instead. As a kid I was interested in the science of space, ie learning what the planets are made of, how many miles between here and the son, etc. As I got older, I became more interested in the history of space, specifically the space race. I’m currently watching a documentary about it called When We Left Earth. It’s fascinating
  3. I cannot drink coffee. It makes my stomach hurt. But I love a good cup of tea.
  4. I’ve never traveled outside of North America. Actually, I’ve been to Hawaii, so I guess a more accurate statement would be “I’ve never traveled outside of North America to a place that wasn’t part of the US.” I really hope to go to Kenya and Australia and I think Joe and I could actually make that happen some day. The UK, Ireland and Greece would also be cool, but I’m not sure we’d ever be able to save up for all that.
  5. I hate cilantro. Most people think this is super weird, because most people don’t think cilantro has a strong taste. But if there is even a tiny bit of cilantro in my salsa or on a burrito I can taste it and its nasty.
  6. I’ve always loved writing. My mom read to me and my siblings a lot as kids, and she encouraged us to write in journals and write stories and poems. My siblings aren’t big fans of writing today, but with me it stuck. I was in third grade when I realized that I loved writing. I wrote a poem about my teacher and she gave me so many compliments. I loved that something I had written made someone else feel good. I entered that same poem in a contest and got it published in a book. I would later find out that all poems submitted to that contest got published, but at the time I was so proud of myself. Nothing I’ve ever done has given me such a thrill as writing does.
  7. My favorite Christmas movie is “Home Alone.” It’s followed closely by “Elf” and “A Christmas Story.”
  8. My favorite book series is Anne of Green Gables. I read the entire thing about once every 3 years.

100 Things To Do Instead of Play On Your Phone


Today is the first official day of summer for the teen, and this will be the first summer that I watch her and the Tot. There are some unique challenges that come with keeping a 10 month old and a nearly 12 year old entertained. First off is the whole napping thing. I’ve finally got the Tot to take some what regular naps and to take them in his bed instead of in the baby carrier, however, his natural nap time is late morning. The teen loves to sleep in so as soon as she wakes up, the Tot goes down for a nap and we can’t get out of the house till about 2. So I’ve got to find ways to keep each of them occupied at home while the other one is sleeping. When we finally do get out of the house, I’ve got to make sure that we are going somewhere that is interesting to both kiddos. Well honestly, every place is interesting to the Tot but I’ve got to come up with places where it won’t be a pain to have him there. And on top of all that, there were volunteer hours to fulfill and summer camps to sign up for.

With all that in mind, I created two lists of summer activities, one for the Teen and one for the Tot. You’ll notice that the one for the Teen is considerably longer, it’s not because I love her more it’s just that a majority of the Tot’s day is still made up of eating, pooping, napping (or fighting a nap depending on the day) and throwing things across the room. I share these lists with you below, feel free to use them for your own family and tell me what you did. And if there are any activities you think we’ll love, tell me about them!

100 Things To Do Instead of Play On Your Phone

Things To Do At Home Alone

  1. Read a book or magazine
  2. Read a poem
  3. Walk the dogs
  4. Write a letter/email to your pen pal
  5. Make a collage for your room
  6. Make dinner
  7. Practice batting
  8. shoot hoops
  9. play with the Tot
  10. play the Wii
  11. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before
  12. Do some scrapbooking
  13. Do your summer homework
  14. Write in your journal
  15. Write a letter or journal entry in Spanish
  16. Play online math games
  17. Learn a magic or card trick
  18. Take pictures and play with picture editing software
  19. Decorate your room
  20. Do a painting on canvas with acrylic or water paint
  21. Go online and find instructions for paper airplanes. Test them and see which one works the best
  22. Add things to your joy jar
  23. Make your own board game
  24. Mix and Match painted rock faces
  25. Make a homemade lava lamp
  26. Make paper flowers
  27. Do a craft with Duct Tape
  28. Learn origami
  29. Write a letter to people in the persecuted church
  30. Make a time capsule and bury it in the backyard

Things To Do At Home With Friends

  1. Gather a few random props, then write and perform a play using all those props
  2. Make edible playdough
  3. Have an at home day spa with facials, manis and pedis
  4. Go swimming
  5. Wash Brianna’s car
  6. Make bleach or tie dye t-shirts
  7. Host a food drive and collect food for a local shelter
  8. Go on a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood or the mall
  9. Bake a tasty treat
  10. Play jumprope or chinese jumprope
  11. Play board games
  12. Choreograph a dance to your favorite song
  13. Hide something in the house and make a treasure map for your friends to find it
  14. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  15. Make homemade icecream
  16. Host your own backyard Olympics with events like three legged race, water balloon toss, hula hoop contest and limbo
  17. Have a Christmas in July party. Decorate cookies, make gifts, sing Christmas carols and draw a poster board Christmas tree
  18. Play freeze tag, tv tag or regular tag
  19. Have a shaving cream fight
  20. Cover your extremities in shaving cream and have a partner toss cheese puffs on you. Whichever team gets the most cheese puffs to stick wins
  21. Play outdoor tic tac toe
  22. Have your friends bring some of their clothes and accessories over, mix and match to make new outfits and have a fashion show.
  23. Make bouncing polymer balls
  24. Do the milk, soap and food coloring experiment
  25. Do the melting ice experiment
  26. Dancing Oobleck experiment
  27. Experiment with some new hairdos
  28. Go around the neighborhood and collect canned and boxed food to donate to a local food bank
  29. Play steal the bacon
  30. Play Farkle
  31. Play hurry and eat the candy bar
  32. Write inspiring cards to kids that are in the hospital
  33. Organize a swim for MS fundraiser
  34. Play charades
  35. Have a water balloon/ squirt gun fight in the front yard

Things To Go Out and Do

  1. Go for a hike to take pictures
  2. Go bowling
  3. Have a picnic at Irvine Regional Park
  4. Go to the beach to swim or play volleyball or fly a kite
  5. Go to the park
  6. Do a beach clean up
  7. Ride the orange balloon at the Great Park
  8. Visit Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach
  9. Kidnap Grandma Carol and take her to lunch
  10. Go to the softball fields to play kickball
  11. Go to the tennis courts at Brianna’s house to play tennis
  12. Visit Bowers Museum
  13. Visit the Nixon Library
  14. Go on an alphabet tour. Take your camera and take pictures of things that start with each letter of the Alphabet. Or take photos of the actual letters. You can journal them and create a book, or print out the letters that spell your name and hang them in your room
  15. Go to the Santa Ana Zoo and photograph or draw the animals
  16. Wade through the tidepools at Tablerock Beach in Laguna
  17. Go to Big Air Trampoline park
  18. Go to Knotts Berry Farm
  19. Go to Knotts Soak City
  20. Bring a camera to Fullerton Arboretum and take cool nature photos
  21. Tour Heritage House Park in Lake Forest
  22. Go to Boomers for mini golf, laser tag, arcade games, go karts or the small water park
  23. Go to Zoomar’s petting Zoo
  24. Explore the San Jaoquin Wildlife Sanctuary
  25. Have lunch and go shopping in Downtown Orange
  26. Go to the Long Beach Aquarium
  27. Visit the Queen Mary
  28. Balboa Fun Zone
  29. Paddle Boarding in the Dana Point Harbor
  30. Have tea at the OC Mart Mix
  31. Go to the  dollar book store for new books
  32. Go to a park and play frisbee golf
  33. Volunteer at El Toro Library
  34. Go fishing
  35. Go to a Farmers Market


Things to do with a 9-12 month old

  1. Play with edible playdough
  2. Put pipe cleaners through the holes of a strainer
  3. Stick his toys to the floor with duct tape and have him help me pull them off
  4. Put different types of toys and household items in a box or bag and have him pull the items out
  5. Paint on the sidewalk with water and paintbrushes
  6. Bubbles
  7. Put scarves in an old tissue box and let him pull them out
  8. Play copycat. Do simple motions and have AJ copy, or copy what AJ is doing
  9. Play catch. Roll the ball to him and encourage him to pick it up and throw it back
  10. Play hand over hand. Put your hand down, then AJ’s on top, then mine, then his. Then move my hand on top of his, his on top of mind, etc
  11. Put him on a blanket and drag it on the floor
  12. Let him rip apart an old magazine or catalog
  13. Play peek a boo
  14. Read a story
  15. Play with ice cubes
  16. Play with tupperware, wooden spoons and plastic ladle
  17. Swim
  18. Crank up the music and dance around the house
  19. Shine a flashlight on the wall or floor and have him watch it and chase it
  20. Build a simple fort and let him play in it or read stories in it
  21. Play with stuffed animals and have them talk to him


How We Came To Be Parents


Watching people react to the news that we were pregnant was one of the most amusing things I’ve ever done. There were the criers, most notably my mom, sister and one of my best friends, all of which had been waiting for this day since Mr and I got married. There were the realists who said, in the kindest way possible, “why in the world did you allow yourself to get pregnant while being poor and living with your parents?” There were a few doomsdayers, who told us to enjoy our pre baby life while we can because everything would suck afterwards. And there were a few who were afraid I’d be a horrific pregnant person and possibly a crazy mother and therefore made mental notes to stay away from me until they were sure I’d be tolerable.

The most common reaction, however, was utter and complete shock. When we told our bible study group, their jaws literally dropped and they were all speechless for about 30 seconds. We were the couple that was never going to have biological kids. If we decided to have kids at all, we would adopt. I had zero desire to be pregnant and Mr was convinced that we would never be able to afford kids anyways. So that one year when 60% of our close friends had babies, we congratulated them, showered them with gifts, and smothered their babies with kisses, all while thinking “we are so glad that isn’t us.” So, at the end of the year when we announced that we were pregnant, its understandable that the most frequently asked question was “how did that happen?”

I usually answered that question with a funny quip like “well, we didn’t know you had to wear a condom EVERY time.” But, there’s a lot more to the story. I felt, and still feel, very strongly about adoption, specifically adopting out of the foster care system. My mom was raised by both a foster family and her birth father and I had several friends growing up who were in and out of the foster system, or who were adopted. Mr didn’t have a strong desire to be a parent at all (for the record he now loves being a dad and is fantastic with our son) but he supported my decision to adopt. We really did not think that we would ever have biological children.

As I began to think seriously about adoption, I wanted to make sure it was a desire that came from God and not myself.. I felt that God was telling me to go off the pill in 2012 and put our family planning in his hands. I talked it over with Mr and he supported my decision so I quit taking the pill. However, we were living with my parents at the time and had no concrete plans or the financial means to move out. I felt it would be irresponsible to practice zero birth control whatsoever, so we used family planning and condoms. Looking back, I realize this may have been a lack of faith. God asked me to put our family planning completely in his hands and that’s what I should have done. But God is gracious, and faith often comes in baby steps, so God worked with what I gave him. The whole year went by and then November rolled around. It was a crazy month where we just weren’t as careful as we had been, and on December 8th, we found out we were pregnant.

Looking back, everything worked out perfectly. That year was jam packed and we got to do lots of exciting things on our own and as a couple. Without knowing it, it was our last hurrah before parenthood. It left us satisfied with our newlywed, young adult life and ready (or somewhat ready) to move on to the next chapter. Living with my parents during pregnancy and during the Tot’s first few months of life turned out to be a huge blessing. It was so nice to have extra help and company during those rough months and to have my mother as an ever present source of guidance and encouragement. And after our time there, God used Joe’s dad to bless us with a home we could afford to buy. We certainly didn’t see that coming when I went off the pill. Plus, another set of friends had babies in 2013 and its been so cool to raise our kids together. I think that at this point, if I didn’t have a child, I would be getting the baby itch big time.

And what about adoption? We still feel strongly about it and are still planning to adopt in the future. I don’t think God gave us the Tot as a way to discourage us from adoption, but rather to prepare us. There is a reason why kids start out as babies that don’t understand things, can’t talk back and don’t remember. It’s because parents make A LOT of mistakes that first time around. A little baby will bounce back from those mistakes much easier than a 5 year old who has experienced emotional and physical trauma. I feel that since we have been raising our own biological child, we are much better equipped to deal with the challenges of raising an adopted child. Of course I’m sure we will continue to make a ton of mistakes with any future children. But hopefully next time we’ll make a fewer and we’ll be better at repairing the damage from the ones we do make.



Young House Crap


Have you ever read the blog Young House Love? It’s written by this husband and wife who started fixing up their home and blogging about it. Their blog got super popular, they wrote a book, its a like a whole thing. When Mr and I started working on our condo I had visions of our life being just like Young House Love. DIY is like crack to Mr, so he would organize all these projects and I would happily help him out, all while taking photos and blogging witty comments. Then we would become famous and our awesome blog would pay off our condo, so then we could rent it out and buy a bigger house and perform bigger DIY projects and everything would be magical and awesome.

Ya, that’s not happening.

As it turns out, I’m HORRIBLE with DIY projects. I mean, I’ve always known they weren’t my forte, but good grief do I suck. Part of the problem is that I have a blind minds eye. You know how some people can just look at a space and picture everything that should go there. I cannot. I see nothing with my minds eye, ever. This infuriates Mr to no end because it always doubles his workload. He can’t just say “hey what do you think of this?” He has to find a picture or draw it out, otherwise I just stare at him blankly and then ask if my post baby butt can still pull off these jeans. Or worse, I pretend like I know what he is talking about, agree to it, and then immediately hate it once it’s done.

Another issue is my tendency to create more work for Mr. For example, the other day I was hanging shelves in the bathroom but I put the anchors in the wrong place.We had to take them out and replace them, leaving two gaping holes in the wall that we will have to fill and paint over. I feel like that one greek god sentenced to eternally roll a giant rock up a hill. The projects are never ending.

Here are the holes I was telling you about. I would also like to point out that as soon as I got up to take this picture, my son started crying.

Here are the holes I was telling you about. I would also like to point out that as soon as I got up to take this picture, my son started crying.

Then there is the perpetual indecisiveness. I’m not usually an indecisive person but for some reason, making any sort of decision about our humble home takes me forever. It took 3 months to decide on a living room paint color. That’s more thought than I put into deciding what college to go to. And Mr is no help. He is one of those people that researches the death out of things. I think we’ve come to a decision on something and then he watches another YouTube video and gives me an entirely new option that wasn’t even on the table early. “But this might be better,” he says. Honestly, I don’t care. Even if our original decision is going to kill us all, we are sticking to it because I will loose what little mind I have left if you force to make yet another decision. JUST DO WHAT I SAY, MAN!

Of course what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t blame some of this on the kid, right? As I sit here blogging, he is happily playing with his toys. But if I were to get up and, heaven forbid, try organizing my room or the kitchen, he would start to pitch a fit. Apparently toys are only meant to be played with when mommy is within a two foot radius. Otherwise they become garbage. Plus, he just creates a lot of extra work. I have to feed him a million times a day, grocery shop to get the food to feed him a million times a day, work a full time job to pay for the food that feeds him a million times a day, change his diapers, read him stories, fight with him about naps, and wash his adorable little clothes. And after all that I’m supposed to muster up the energy to repaper the kitchen cupboards? No Thank You.

So, our life is nothing like Young House Love. It’s more like Young House Fall Asleep On The Couch When I should Be Washing The Windows. And yet, I honestly couldn’t be happier. We are homeowners! That’s incredible! And even though its been a slow process, we’ve actually made a lot of progress on the condo and we love everything we’ve done so far. More importantly, I get to build a home and life with my two favorite people.

And to show you that I’m not just full of cynicism and do have very positive feelings about the house, I will share photos of my favorite room in the house- the bathroom!

Hobby Lobby for the win!

I love these decorations. Hobby Lobby for the win!

grey and yellow bathroom

It took us FOREVER to find a vanity that we liked, that wasn’t huge and that fit the weird piping in the bathroom. It was worth the wait, we love it. And no, that white patch on the wall isn’t some sort of artistic statement. Mr had to patch the wall and we haven’t painted over it yet. Might as well wait till we do the holes

I don't know if you've ever searched for a grey and yellow shower curtain, but let me tell you, they are not easy to come by. I would have preferred a little more yellow but couldn't find one that I loved. I do like this one a lot, it looks nice and it will work until that magical day that I find the curtain of my dreams

I don’t know if you’ve ever searched for a grey and yellow shower curtain, but let me tell you, they are not easy to come by. I would have preferred a little more yellow but couldn’t find one that I loved. I do like this one a lot, it looks nice and it will work until that magical day that I find the curtain of my dreams


Refiners Fire. My heart’s one desire is to be holy. Set apart for you my Master. Ready to do your will.

This is a song we use to sing in church when I was a kid. The idea of a purifying fire has been brought up multiple times in my church experiences. I never really got it. I mean, I understood it in my head. A fire hurts but it cleanses. If you want to be purified in a relaxing way, go to take a bath. If you want the purification process to hurt like hell, walk through the fire. While I’ve experienced difficulties in my life, experiences that have helped me grow and gotten rid of crap in my life, I wouldn’t really qualify them as fires. That changed August 17, 2013. The day I became a mom.

Please don’t misunderstand. These last 4 months have been the best of my life. And from the outside, there doesn’t seem anything particularly “firey” about being AJ’s mom. He’s very healthy, happy and content. He’s not a great sleeper, but we’ve managed to function. He doesn’t cry incessantly for no reason. He’s a great baby. He’s easy. And yet being his mom has been the hardest job I’ve ever had. I’ve never felt so insecure in my life, and I was the girl that ate lunch in the bathroom freshmen year of high school. I’ve never experienced so many dramatically different emotions all at once. I consistently feel empowered and hopeless, joyful and depressed, excited and scared all the same time EVERY FREAKIN DAY! I’ve never functioned on so little sleep. I’ve never thought about one topic so intently and for so long. I usually become interested in something, get really excited about it for a couple days, maybe a couple months, and then I loose interest. But I have been obsessing about this baby boy from day one and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. It’s amazing but also exhausting.

And the thing is, being a mom isn’t even the hardest part of my life right now. It’s being a mom AND being everything else- a wife, an employee, a Christ follower, a friend, a Sunday School teacher, a blogger, a housekeeper. If all I ever had to do was take care of AJ then I don’t think I would burst into tears every other day. But I have to take care of him and balance all my other roles. Of course, I love my other roles. It’s not like I want to stop being a wife or quit my job, although I wouldn’t mind giving up the role of housekeeper so if someone wants to take that from me, be my guest. It’s just that I like to be good at everything, and I can’t be good at everything all at once. That’s a hard fire for me to walk through.

I once read a book called Sacred Marriage (it’s phenomenal and I highly recommend it).  The basic gist was that marriage isn’t intended to make us happy, but to make us holy. I think the same can be said of parenting. It is a happy job, but being happy as a parent, or making your child happy, should not be the primary goal. Striving towards holiness, with your partner and your kids, should be the goal. So the next time I change AJ and he immediately spits up, poops and pees on himself, I will smile. When he wakes up screaming in 1-2 hours, I will smile. When I’m slathering on a million different ointments for rashes and dry skin that just won’t clear up, I’ll smile. Not because I’m pretending to be happy, but because smiling reminds me to be patient, loving and joyful. It reminds me that my walk through the fire isn’t about my happiness, but rather its about growing in holiness and, along with my husband, teaching my son to do the same.

Walking through the fire

First Time Mommy First Time Holidays


First time mom’s are annoying. They panic about everything, they post a million photos of their babies on Facebook, and caring for their child has sucked out all their brain cells so the only things they are capable of thinking or talking about are kid related. I’ve tried very hard over the past 5 weeks to not be an annoying first time mom. I haven’t always been successful (as my Facebook friends can attest too) but I’ve put forth a gallant effort. But here’s the thing. The holidays are coming up and I can feel the first time mom craziness getting stronger. I have this crazy urge to teach my infant son how to bake sugar cookies he isn’t even old enough to eat yet. I want to carve a giant pumpkin, stick my kid in it, and set him on the porch to amuse trick or treaters. I want to spend $100 to take my baby to Disneyland for Christmas time, even though he’ll spend the entire day nursing or sleeping and caring for him means I won’t get to go on any rides. It’s safe to say that as I gear up to celebrate my first holiday season with a child, I will not be able to control the crazy. Here are some of the fun things you can expect to see/hear about in the upcoming months.

Photos of AJ  dressed as a pumpkin sitting in a pumpkin patch

I use the term “sitting” loosely because he won’t be old enough to sit on his own when we visit pumpkin patches (yes we will visit multiple patches). But you can bet your booty I’ll find a way to prop him up amongst the squash and take a gazillion photos with annoying captions like ” my little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.”

Dressing AJ up in multiple Halloween costumes

Joe and I just have too many good ideas. The baby from The Hangover. Baby in a straight jacket onesie. The previously mentioned pumpkin outfit. We might drag this out and make dressing up a week long event.

Taking AJ trick or treating

Haven’t decided if we will go trick or treating or go trunk or treating at the church carnival, but either way I’m using my baby’s cuteness to score some free candy.

Taking photos of AJ next to the turkey and laughing about their closeness in size

I hate it when people post pictures of food on Facebook, but I will break my own rules about food posts to show you that my baby is roughly the size of a turkey. I’ll probably throw in a joke about them looking similar because both are bald. And I will expect you to like the photo because babies and turkeys are comedy gold. I mean, who doesn’t want to think about babies as they stuff their faces with meat carcass? You’re welcome.

Buying Christmas presents

The kid will be 4 months old at Christmas. I could wrap up the toys he already has and he wouldn’t know the difference. Heck, I could get him nothing and he wouldn’t care. If I were a truly rational parent, I would get him nothing and invest all his gift money into a college fund. But I’ve already started scoping out toys that are appropriate to give to a 4 month old. And its very possible I will go Black Friday shopping with my sister in law to get said toys. First time momming at its finest.

Volunteering my child to play Jesus in the live Nativity at church

Yes, I am conceited enough to think my child can lay still in a manger for hours whilst portraying the holy and perfect Son of God. You disagree? Shut up, I’ll cut you.

Visiting Santa

This is particularly ridiculous for me because Joe and I don’t plan on telling AJ that Santa is real. So why waste time and energy taking him to visit Santa? One of the rules of being first time mom is that you must take advantage of as many photo opportunities as possible. This is especially true during the holidays. Besides, the Santa at Disney’s Grand Californian is so real looking, its possible that after one picture our whole family may start believing in the magic that is Santa.

I’m sure I’ll think of plenty of other ridiculous things to do with my baby to celebrate the holidays. Feel free to poke fun at me, but don’t be too harsh. Because while I’m aware that I’m being crazy, the truth of the matter is you only get to celebrate your first time mom holidays once, and I want to make the most of it 🙂

Things Strangers Should Not Say to Pregnant Women


I’m 40 weeks 5 days and feeling sassy, this should be a good read for you all.

Dear manager at the local bagel shop,

This morning you told me my son hasn’t dropped yet. No shit, Sherlock. Do you think that after carrying this child around for 40+ weeks, I’m still not in tune enough with my body to know when a 7lbs human drops into my pelvis? Trust me, I’ll know. Also, I don’t appreciate your implication that because he hasn’t dropped, it will still be quite a while until I go into labor. Are you a medical professional? No, you aren’t because if you were, you would know what my midwife, an ACTUAL medical professional, knows and that is that babies drop differently. Some weeks before, some days and some don’t drop until labor actually starts. I come to you for delicious bagels after my dr appt (during which a medical professional informed me that I was making progress and could see a baby this week) and all you do is rain on my parade? Not cool, man, not cool. 

Dear Carls Jr Manager,

You really shouldn’t guess the gender of your customers babies. You’re much better off just asking. And if you do guess wrong, don’t try to prove yourself right! Yes I’m carrying high, but that doesn’t automatically mean that I’m having a girl. I’ve had an ultrasound tech, radiologist and midwife all look at my ultrasounds and confirm that my baby is a boy. Do you honestly think that your 10 second assessment of my belly is more reliable than that? I don’t care that you’ve correctly guessed the gender of 100 pregnant women’s babies. In fact, that kind of creeps me out. But anyways, its not even that impressive because each time you have a 50% chance of getting it right. But this time you got it wrong. If you want to be in obstetrics so bad, go team up with bagel guy and head to medical school, otherwise give me my Santa Fe chicken sandwich, congratulate me on having a boy, and walk away.    

Dear fellow customer at the grocery store,

Generally, it’s not a good idea to comment on the size of babies or pregnant moms that you don’t know. See, you thought you were just making conversation by telling me that my baby “looks big.” What you don’t know is that my husband was 12lbs when he was born and my biggest fear this whole pregnancy is that I will birth a toddler. So now you’ve just freaked me out AND made me feel like a whale. Seriously, you’re like 60, how do you not know that the best thing to say about a pregnant woman’s looks is simply “you’re glowing”? 

Dear everyone in the world,

Please stop telling me to sleep get in all the sleep i can before the baby comes. Do you think I’ve suddenly decided that this is the time in my life to pull all nighters? Do you think I’m lugging this belly out to the clubs at all sorts of ungodly hours?  Let me put your mind at ease…I’m sleeping. Is it good sleep? No, because I have to get up to pee every two hours and my hips hurt like a mo fo. But I’m doing the best that I can. Also, its not like I can store that stuff up and use to give myself extra energy when the baby comes. No matter how much I sleep now, I will be exhausted when the baby comes. Even the dumbest parents know that. I’m definitely open to advice, but please please please stop with the sleep concerns. 

I wish I’d gotten a degree in common sense


What I’m about to tell you will make you loose a little respect for me. Maybe a lot. But here it goes.

I have been pregnant for 17 weeks. 13 of those weeks have been pure nausea. I’ve tried peppermint candies, paid a lot of unnecessary money for Preggie Pops, cut out dairy and most breads, drank tea and tried a number of other natural remedies for nausea. But do you know what I haven’t tried?


13 weeks and I didn’t pop a freakin Tums. Apparently getting a college degree does not mean you can properly take care of yourself, use common sense or logically think through problems. Awesome.

Tonight, however, I pulled my head out of my fat pregnant butt and took a Tums. It didn’t cure all my issues, but it turned me from a blubbering mess curled up in the fetal position to a normal human who was able to eat an entire bowl of oatmeal. So tomorrow I’m heading to Target to find the biggest bottle of Tums available and it will be by my side 24/7.

That is all.

And Baby Makes Three


I’m about to make an announcement I honestly thought I would never make. I’m pregnant. With child. Bun in the oven. Got a doodle that can’t be undid. However you phrase it, the reality is that in 6 months a small human will be joining our little family of two. We’ve told a lot of people already and I notice that we tend to get asked the same questions, so for this announcement post I’m answering those questions in black and white.

Also, I feel obligated to inform you that this blog will slowly be transforming into a mom blog. I promise not to clog your Facebook newsfeeds with annoying anecdotes of my pregnancy and the small human that comes after, but I make no such guarantees with this blog. I’ll still talk about other stuff too, like my job, books I’m reading, good restaurants, etc. But from what I understand these little bundles take up a lot of time, energy and brain power so chances are most of my posts will at least mention the tiny human. All that to say, if you aren’t into the mom blog thing, I understand and won’t be offended if you unsubscribe.

And now, without further ado, answers to the pregnancy questions.

1) Was this planned?

Hells to the no. This was a jaw dropping, kick to the nuts, humdinger of a surprise. I thought that if Joe and I had kids, it wouldn’t be for another 2-5 years and they would be adopted, not biological. And it was something I prayed about and legit thought that God and I were on the same page. Guess I better tune my Holy Spirit antenna a little better.

2) Will you find out the gender?

Yes, I can’t handle any more major life surprises. We find out in late March.

3) When is the baby due?

August 8, which is awesome because 8 is my lucky number!

4) How are you feeling?

Right now? Like crap. I have a headache and some weird phlegm issues going on. But overall as I head into the second trimester I am starting to feel better physically. Emotionally…well that changes with the day as well. I’m definitely not upset or angry or dreading the baby coming. But I’m also not excited. A lot of that stems from the fact that Joe and I don’t have our own place right now and our money situation is super strained. I know what you’re thinking, “As long as you give the baby lots of love that’s good enough.” True, but they also need diapers which, BTW, are CRAZY expensive! And they need wipes, and a stroller, and a car seat and at least a couple onesies. In short, they cost a lot of money that we don’t have. But we just keep saving our pennies, paying off our debt and praying and trusting that God will work it out. Right now, I find it comforting to focus on the present. Although I don’t know how we’ll pay for a crib in 6 months, today I know that I can eat healthy, exercise and get lots of rest and all those things will help the baby. When I focus on that, I feel a lot better.

5) How is Joe handling all this?

In typical Joe fashion, and I mean that in a good way. He was more against having kids than I was but he is being super supportive and encouraging. He cooks a lot and even got a special cookbook on how to cook for pregnancy. He is currently looking for a new job so we can move out of the parentals, so if you’re of the praying persuasion you can add that to your list.

6) Any names picked out?

Yes, but we are going to be smug and not tell you yet 😉

7) Any crazy cravings?

Not crazy ones, no. The other day I had a huge craving for a bear claw. I know they are super unhealthy so I made myself wait three days before caving. And oh my, it was glorious. I’ve also been craving pickles, which isn’t too weird because I’ve always loved pickles, but I have been wanting them more than usual. I think its the salt?

To sum it up, we are very happy about the baby, but also very freaked out and we have no idea what the next six months hold. But I guess that’s part of the fun, uh? We’ll keep you posted