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Yelling, Loosing and Other Reasons I Don’t Like Sports


I’m not a huge fan of sports. Yes, I do love the Angels and as soon as Kobe retires my mild interest in the Lakers will be rekindled. And it’s not that I think sports are bad. On the contrary, I think it’s a great way for the hyper competitive people of this world to get out all their crazy so their road rage doesn’t interfere with my morning commute. Sports are great. I just don’t like them.

First off is the yelling. When I was a kid attempting to play sports, my best (and only) asset was my attitude. I was all smiles and cheers from the dugout, but the second my coach yelled it was all over. Most of the time he wasn’t even yelling at me, but the mere act of raising his voice a few octaves caused a dramatic meltdown.

In addition to the yelling, there is the loosing. In real sports, there is a winner and a loser. Some modern parents are trying to take that away and make everyone a winner with atrocious participation ribbons. That’s crap. Remember what I said about the hyper competitive people? They can’t get out the crazy if there isn’t a winner or a looser. So I support the existence of winners and loosers, I just don’t want any part of it. If I loose I feel like crap, if I win someone else feels like crap. i support smiling, not crap. At the end of the game we all get a snack anyways, so what’s the point?

Third is the hand eye coordination. If you have it, sports come easy to you. If you don’t have it, you end up with a giant black eye right before your singing debut as spy #12 in the church musical. But don’t worry, you power through because while you may not be competitive, you are an attention whore and not only do you sing your 11-year-old heart out but you also milk that black eye for all the sympathy it’s worth.

And lastly is the physical effort. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you know that my tolerance for physical activity has grown over the past year. But still I don’t have near enough motivation to bust my butt multiple times a week on a court or field. I’d rather just strap on some ankle weights, walk through the mall and call it a day.

So for those of you who play and/or enjoy sports, kudos to you! While I may never understand it, I appreciate your passion and when my future children express some inexplicable interest in competitive game participation, I will send them your way. Meanwhile I’ll stick to artsy crap like writing. Because when I write, I’m happy, you’re happy, my boss is happy, my husband is happy because I’m his sugar momma and writing pays the bills, and everyone is a winner.

Now isn’t that nice?

Spring Training…Let the Rivalries Begin.

Mickey Mouse is an Angels fan

My two favorite things...Mickey Mouse and the Angels

I am an Anaheim Angel’s Baseball fan. (Yes, I know they are know called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, but this is stupid and I refuse to refer to them as such.) When I was a kid I was part of the kids club and we got cheap souveniours and free tickets all season. I would read the newspaper every weekend to see their rankings and I had a huge crush on Tim Salmon. My passion waned a bit in high school, but in college it came back with a vengence as I started hanging out with people who were even bigger fans than I was. Now I’ve got an app on my phone that lets me track their games, scores, rankings and news updates. On April 8th I will go to my first opening season game. I am SO EXCITED!

And yet, there is a tragic side to this tale of love for America’s pasttime. Most people in Orange County are Angels fans, and only a handful root for our freeway rival, the LA Dodgers. Of that handful of people, there are only two that are die hard, would give their left arm for the Dodgers to win a world series fans. And I have worked for both of them.

My boss at the YMCA, who is also a good friend of mine, is a crazy Dodgers fan. CRAZY. I used to keep track of whether the Dodgers won or lost because that would tell me what kind of day we were going to have at work. If they won, it would be a good day and I could get pretty much whatever I wanted out of him. If they lost an unimportant game, our work day would be a little more somber and I would hold back on my request for new craft supplies. If they lost an important game, holy hell, watch out. I knew I would have to brief the kids before he came and warn them that if they even looked at a leader the wrong way Mr. Nick would take away their priveleges for a month. I never really paid much attention to the Dodgers before, but his crazy love for them made me gag. I hate the Dodgers. Hey Nick, I know your reading this and I just want to make sure you heard me. DODGERS SUCK!!!

Okay, so moving on. I quit the Y, and find an amazing job opportunity as a nanny/executive assistant. I have my phone interview which goes great and I’m super excited for the in person interview. I walk into the house and… there it is. A Dodger helmet signed by all the players. Next to it is a baseball and several Disney figurines dressed in Dodger uniforms. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME? I cannot believe I am going to work for another Dodger fan. I almost just turned right around and walked out. But my boss and her husband were so nice, and Sydney was so sweet, and their love for Disney almost made up for the fact that they were Dodger fans. I decided to stick it out and I’m glad I did. On February 22nd I celebrated my one year anniversary working for that family and for their marketing company, One Step Services. That year was nothing but a blessing. However, I stand by belief that Angels rule, and Dodgers drool. Did you hear that Sandy? DODGERS DROOL!!!!!

little angels fans

I'm training my neice and nephew to be the next generation of Angels Fans

But, faithful readers, my story does not end there. You see, my current boss isn’t just a Dodger fan. She is a Dodger fan who works in marketing and sales. Her entire career is based on making people look good and getting consumers to buy thier stuff. And in our little world, she has made it her mission to market the Dodgers to me so that I become a fan. She keeps inviting me to games, giving me tickets she claims are “gifts.” And these aren’t crappy seats in the Pavilion, no way. These are primo seats where we get access to delicious food. (Which, I will readily admit, is much better than the food at Angel Stadium.) These are seats right on the third base line and right behind home plate, so close you can smell the grass and feel the wind coming off the 90 mph pitches. These are seats that any baseball fan would be absolutely stoked to have.

So here’s the thing. I love baseball. I love watching the game, playing the game, talking about the game. I love the atmosphere at a stadium, the sun beating down, peanut shells on the floor, happiness everywhere. I even love that stupid Take Me Out to the Ball Game song. I love baseball so much that on April 3rd, Dodgers opening weekend, I will put down my hatred for the boys in blue and enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon game with my wonderful boss, her amazing mom and husband, and my favorite 8 year old. I will eat Dodger dogs what ever other gourmet food that stadium cooks up. And you  can bet your butt I’m going to root against the Giants, because the only thing worse than an LA team is a team from Nor Cal. But, despite the fact that I will be disguised as a Dodger fan, rest assured that I will be sporting red underwear. Because I am, and always will be, forever and ever in my heart of hearts, an Angels Fan. ANGELS RULE!!!

Rally Monkey!!! If you call him, he will come

P.S. If you are looking for a good app to track baseball, I reccommend MLB lite. It is free and it allows you to see the schedule, see the inning by inning scores, see rankings, and latest news. If you get the paid version you get to listen to the games through your phone.

12 points are better than 2


I am not a soccer fan.  It’s too much running for too little pay out. Seriously, these guys run around a field for 80 minutes and only average 2-3 points? Lame sauce. Now I understand why every touchdown in Football is worth 6 points. It’s just so much more encouraging to see 12 points on the scoreboard rather than 2. The LA Galaxy doesn’t have fireworks like the Angels, a great marching band like USC, cheerleaders like the Chargers or a 95% chance of celebrity sighting at a game like the Lakers. Seriously, people, where is the entertainment? And what is up with those obscene noisemakers? I know it’s unique to this year’s World Cup, but still it’s enough to turn diehard fans into skeptics.

Despite all of its faults, I may have found soccer’s one spark of coolness. Their players are absolute drama queens. OMG, when those guys get hurt it is absolutely hysterical. They roll on the floor, clutching themselves and wincing. I think a few of them might even squeeze out a tear or two. It is absolutely ridiculous to watch grown men, athletes, withering into wimps if another player so much as pokes them. I had a quite a good time watching Brazil v. Ivory Coast today. I’ve included a video clip below. Fast forward to about 2 min and you’ll see a brilliant example of what I’m talking about.

Now the announcers did say that being dramatic over injuries is part of the game. I would love it someone could explain that to me. Seriously, this is one aspect of soccer/football culture I’m very interested in. Besides, knowing that this is a common occurrence might convince me to watch a few more games…

Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd

Joe and I both have awesome bosses that like to provide us with free Angels tickets. And getting free tickets so early in the season has really gotten me in the spirit of baseball. I’ve always been a baseball fan and always loved the Angels. In jr. high I played softball and kept close tabs on how the Anaheim boys were doing. Over the years I didn’t really think about baseball until I was invited to a game. But this season, its all coming back to me. The cheering, the red hats, the excitement and tension, the RALLY MONKEY…I love it.

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. I don’t care if I ever get back

Joe and I had the privelege of accompanying our Temecula niece and nephews to thier first baseball game last Friday. They loved it. Thier mom and I taught them all the cheers and they yelled thier little hearts out when the Angels came up to bat. It was a little disappointing that we were taking a potty break when Matsui hit the only HR of the game, but what are ya gonna do? On the way back from the potty our niece Kristen went crazy over cotton candy and I revisted an old time favorite the Cracker Jack. Delicious! And they still come with prizes in them. Mine was a pencil topper. I will definately make cracker jacks part of my baseball ritual.

On a side note, I don’t understand the line “I don’t care if I ever get back.” You don’t care if you come back to another game? Of course you do, you love baseball that’s the whole point of the song. Or is it you don’t care if you ever get back to real life? Well then you’d miss basketball season and well…that’s another post for another time.

Let me root root root for the home team

As I said before, I have always been an Angels fan. But I never really had any strong feelings towards other teams until I worked for a man who was OBSESSED with the Dodgers. It was funny, but at times very annoying. And his intense love for them spawned in me an intense hatred. And wouldn’t you know it, my new boss is also a huge Dodgers fan. Booo! I must say though her daughter, who I take care every afternoon, is pretty brillant in her baseball knowledge. She knows all the players, who the best batters are and can recall interesting tidbits of Dodgers history. I have literally been studying Angels stats just so I can go head to head with her in our daily battles as to who is better.

If they don’t win its a shame

They just swept thier series against the Oakland Athletics (which, btw, is a really dumb name. Obviously you’re athletic, you play professional sports ya ding dong) which is pretty awesome because they are one spot ahead of us in the Western division. Now its on to Texas, who is first in the division, and here is hoping that the new batting line up keeps producing victories!  

For its one, two, three strikes your out at the old ball game

The Baseball Almanac has an interesting article about this song that talks about how it was written and even gives more lyrics to the song. Apparently the popular part is just the chorus and there are actually verses. Check it out