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January Recap


During the first week of January, one of the bloggers I follow did a recap of 2010. I thought that was a great idea and decided to do one myself. Problem was, there were so many things I couldn’t remember! I couldn’t remember which month I started working for One Step, or which month we started our small group, and apparently the month of October was really boring because I don’t remember doing a single thing in those 31 days. That was unacceptable, so I decided I would do a little recap at the end of every month. In December I can actually look back and feel like we have accomplished things! So here we go, a recap of the Alexanders’ life in January 2011.

  • I started the year off with a cold. Boo! But we made the most of it and tried a new restaurant on New Years Day. It was called the Beachcomber cafe and I blogged about earlier in the month, so if your curious, go check it out
  • Joe started school at the end of the month. Woot! Only 18 more months and he will be HVAC certified and ready to transfer to In N Out’s maintanance department.
  • I successfully blogged on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the month. It started to get hard towards the end because my self confidence started to dwindle which resulted in writers block. But did you read my last post? Its pretty funny, right? I’m a good blogger, right? You love me…RIGHT?!?
  • Joe spent the last weekend of the month in the mountains with the guys from our small group and had a total blast. The wives and I went to dinner, saw a comedy show at a local church and the next morning served at a homeless shelter in Santa Ana
  • We got lots of storage things for Christmas so we reorganized the kitchen and our bedroom closet. Everything stayed clean and wonderful for a whole week!
  • My dad turned 50. We celebrated with some close friends and family at Farrells. Mom and I made the mistake of ordering two Zoos. Two giant bowls of icecream with 30 scoops each for only 15 people=bad idea. But we had a ton of fun nonetheless.
  • My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary
  • I’ve been to the beach more times this January than all last summer. I love you 65 degree California winter!

Back to Blogging


Am I only person who thinks about life in terms of blogs and Facebook posts? For example, something very funny will happen and I’ll think of how I can tell the whole world via Facebook status. Or I’ll be incredibly annoyed by something and construct a blog post in my mind. But honestly 98% of the time these thoughts never actually make it to print. There are two reasons for this. One is that I am one of those people who gets super excited and passionate about something and after some amount of time…sometimes 5 minutes sometimes 5 days….i just loose the passion and move on. Very rarely do I find something I love and stick with it. Thats why I waited so long to get engaged to Joe…I figured if after 4 years if I wasn’t over him yet it was safe to say I’d want him for life. So far, so good.

Reason number two is that I’m scared of writing. I haven’t blogged in months and when I finally logged into WordPress tonight I was shocked. People actuallly read this? And like it enough to comment on it? Crazy. Not only that, but I was recently hired for a fantastic job as a personal assistant, and one thing that really caught my future bosses eye was my blog. Who knew? I really need to get over my fear and insecurity. I love writing and its something I am actually good at, unlike dancing which I love but am only allowed to do when my single friends are not trying to attract partners. Of course I’m not always going to write brillant, thought provoking posts that inspire a string of comment. Sometimes my posts will just be average and sometimes they will be down right awful. But hey, no pain no gain, no risk no reward. So here is to what I hope will be a more consistent blogging endeavor.