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The Costco Jacket


For some people, fashion is an expression of who they are. For me, fashion is an expression of what’s clean…and what was on sale.

Because fashion is not my thing, I rarely post anything fashion related. However, a few months ago I found this adorable jacket at Costco and had to share. Yes, you heard me right, I got something cute and fasionable from Costco. And its not just me that thinks its cute, lots of other people concur (trust me, I know better than to claim that something only I like is fashionable…I always get multiple opinions to confirm my beliefs). See if you concur as well.

I realize the jacket’s color is off in these photos. Its not red, its burgandy (or maybe maroon, I always forget which is which). My favorite thing about it is that it looks formal, like a peacoat, but it’s as comfortable as a sweatshirt. It’s made out of sweatshirt type material which means I can move around in it. Plus, its pretty warm. Not “lets wear it in the snow” warm, but definitely California winter warm. Plus, it was only $32. Score! I’m not sure if Costco is still carrying these jackets, but if they are I definitely recommend getting one, or even two. I honestly regret not getting a second one in charcoal grey. Maybe next year…