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Yelling, Loosing and Other Reasons I Don’t Like Sports


I’m not a huge fan of sports. Yes, I do love the Angels and as soon as Kobe retires my mild interest in the Lakers will be rekindled. And it’s not that I think sports are bad. On the contrary, I think it’s a great way for the hyper competitive people of this world to get out all their crazy so their road rage doesn’t interfere with my morning commute. Sports are great. I just don’t like them.

First off is the yelling. When I was a kid attempting to play sports, my best (and only) asset was my attitude. I was all smiles and cheers from the dugout, but the second my coach yelled it was all over. Most of the time he wasn’t even yelling at me, but the mere act of raising his voice a few octaves caused a dramatic meltdown.

In addition to the yelling, there is the loosing. In real sports, there is a winner and a loser. Some modern parents are trying to take that away and make everyone a winner with atrocious participation ribbons. That’s crap. Remember what I said about the hyper competitive people? They can’t get out the crazy if there isn’t a winner or a looser. So I support the existence of winners and loosers, I just don’t want any part of it. If I loose I feel like crap, if I win someone else feels like crap. i support smiling, not crap. At the end of the game we all get a snack anyways, so what’s the point?

Third is the hand eye coordination. If you have it, sports come easy to you. If you don’t have it, you end up with a giant black eye right before your singing debut as spy #12 in the church musical. But don’t worry, you power through because while you may not be competitive, you are an attention whore and not only do you sing your 11-year-old heart out but you also milk that black eye for all the sympathy it’s worth.

And lastly is the physical effort. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you know that my tolerance for physical activity has grown over the past year. But still I don’t have near enough motivation to bust my butt multiple times a week on a court or field. I’d rather just strap on some ankle weights, walk through the mall and call it a day.

So for those of you who play and/or enjoy sports, kudos to you! While I may never understand it, I appreciate your passion and when my future children express some inexplicable interest in competitive game participation, I will send them your way. Meanwhile I’ll stick to artsy crap like writing. Because when I write, I’m happy, you’re happy, my boss is happy, my husband is happy because I’m his sugar momma and writing pays the bills, and everyone is a winner.

Now isn’t that nice?

Three Really Really Awesome Days


The other day I was reading an article in Reader’s Digest where people described their best days ever. I wanted to do the same, but alas, I’m really bad at picking favorites or bests. But of all 8,928 days I have been living (and yes, that is the exact amount of days I have been living) I can point out three really really really awesome days. They are, in no particular order:

  1. The day I rocked my speech competition. I was in speech and debate all three years of college and my best day in three years occurred during my freshman year. I was doing an event called Impromptu in which I was given a phrase and then had two minutes to come with a 5 minute speech about that phrase. I did well throughout the whole tournament and made it to semi-finals. My phrase was “I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.” As soon as I read it, inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks. I came up with three brillant examples, linked them all back to my thesis and referred to the phrase several times throughout the speech. Not only was it brillant, it was hysterica! I had the whole room doubled over in laughter on several occasions during that 5 minutes. It was the best feeling in the world. For one thing I was the center of attention, which I always love. But more importantly, I was making people laugh. They were enjoying listening to me as much as I was enjoying talking. It was like going on a first date and hitting off really well with the other person. It was the best high ever.
  2. Our one year anniversary. Joe and I celebrated our one year anniversary by going down to San Diego for the weekend. That Saturday we were down there the whole day and it is by far my favorite memory with Joe. We were completly relaxed and carefree. We ate delicious food, went on a go cart tour, saw some beautiful beach sceneryand thouroughly enjoyed eachother’s company all day. That day confirmed what I had already known;  marrying Joe was the best decision of my life. Our wedding day was awesome, but there was something so special about being with him after a year and feeling even more excited and in love than we did on our wedding day. Our first year of marriage was so much fun and ending it San Diego was absolutely perfect.

    The hubs and I riding go carts in San Diego. Shelter Island, to be exact

  3. My day in Laihana. When I was growing up, the number one place I wanted to visit was Hawaii. When I was in college I got to go to Oahu with my family and godparents. That was so much fun! After I graduated I visited a friend in Maui. OMYGOSH! That island is absolutely stunning and I spent the entire ten days with my mouth open in awe and my camera taking 1,000 pictures a minute. There are so many wonderful memories from that trip but my favorite has to be when me and my friends Naphtali and Debra went to the adorable town of Laihana. On the way out there, we blasted Kelly Clarkson, rolled the windows down and stared at the beautiful ocean. Once we got there we went on a submarine tour, ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise (quite possibly the best burger place ever), got henna tatoos, shopped and just enjoyed being young, single and girls! Not only that, but my hair looked awesome, my make up was even better, and I was still rocking the college bod.Everything about that day was actually perfect and it will forever stick out in my mind as the best pre marriage vacation day EVER!

What about you? What has been your best day (or days) ever?