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The jerk and the drama kings


I was working counter handout today when I noticed that three guys were getting into a rather heated verbal argument. It was one guy, who I will call “the jerk” versus two other guys who I will call “the drama kings.” One of the drama kings was an older gentleman and probably deaf. The other drama king was much younger, possibly the older drama king’s son. From what I could gather, the jerk did something disrespectful to the older drama king and the drama kings totally overreacted and started getting in the jerk’s face. Once they started throwing F-bombs, I called my manager over. The guys all went thier seperate ways and the conflict was temporarily resolved. The jerk got his food first and sat down in a booth with his girlfriend, who I will call “the most annoying girl EVER.” A few minutes later, the drama kings get thier food to go and as they walk by the booth where the jerk and the most annoying girl EVER are sitting, one of the drama kings punches the jerk in the face. Next thing I know, there is a full blown fist fight right in the middle of our dining room. Every employee and every cusotmer and a perfect view of these three guys going at it. Drinks and food where everywhere, the older drama king got knocked to the ground and I think a random customer got in on the action for no apparent reason. O ya, and we can’t forget the most annoying girl EVER who is screaming and calling names and only doing things to make it worse. Ironically, she was really the only person who deserved to be punched in the face and no one even touched her. Unfortunate. After what seemed like forever but was really only about 20 seconds, our male employees realize that this will just escalate if they don’t step in. So they go out there and pull the guys off each other and the drama kings jump into their car and book it. That’s right, it was a total punch and run. The jerk and the most annoying girl ever of course stayed to talk to the police and do everything they could to make sure the drama kings got arrested. It might work, my manager did take down the license plate number, but honestly, do you really want to mess with two random guys who are willing to punch you in the face just because you did something minorly disrespectful to them? Just let it go, people. All that to say, I was super stoked about the fight. Ridiculous and crazy customers are what keep me coming back to this job day after day. I’m a sucker for a great story 🙂