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God is a friend of Haiti


So day two of my weekly fast was much easier than the first day. I was able to wait until 5:30 to eat and i just felt hungry all day, not light headed and sick like last week. I think next week I will only eat fruits and veggies for dinner…and maybe the week after that I can go a whole day.

During my prayer time,God revealed very little about my job search. Go figure. That King of Kings is not into revealing plans right away. But, He did speak to me about Haiti. I was listening to my Ipod when one of my favorite songs ever came on, “I am a Friend of God.” (there are lots of different versions of the song, but my favorite is by Israel Houghton). Here’s a video of Israel singing the song

God is a friend of Haiti. God hears the people of Haiti when they call. God is mindful of Haiti and loves the people. I just kept singing the song over and over and speaking these words and was praying that some how, my prayers were reaching the Haitians and they would know that God is thier friend who loves them and is hearing thier cries. A few hours later I got an answer to my prayer. A friend of mine posted that she was listening to the radio and a guy who was in Haiti called in and said that the people on the streets were singing and praising God! How awesome is that? I hope that as more Christians reach out to help, the Haitians will continually feel Christ’s love and feel hope instead of abandonment.

Good Steward


I’m very serious about finding a new job before summer hits. One thing that God has been telling me repeatedly, usually through sunday sermons, is that I must seek His will first. My goal cannot simply be to find a new job, it must be to find the job that He wants me to have. So I should be praying just as much, actually even more, than I am filling out resumes and applications. I decided that I was going to dedicate one day a week to fasting and praying specifically for a new job. My first day was last week and, I’ll be honest, I didn’t make it all day. I made it to 4:30pm. But for someone who has never fasted before, and who is very much in love with food, I thought that was a pretty good start. I’ll get to a full day eventually. Anyways my prayer time that day was very interesting. Not gonna lie, I was secretly hoping God would reveal my dream job to me on day one. But He didn’t. Instead, he told me that I need to be a better steward of the job I already have.

This struck me as odd at first. I thought I was being a great steward of that job. I show up on time, I do what my bosses tell me, I rarely call in sick. I consider myself a pretty darn good employee. But further prayer and introspection showed me that I’m not doing anything to build relationships there. I’m not mean to people, but I’m not really friendly either. I just go in, do my job,and leave. At my company, culture and community mean alot and I’m starting to realize that alot of people think I don’t like them because I don’t talk to them. That’s not the case at all. There are lots of reasons why I don’t talk alot at work, which I won’t get into right now, but its never because I don’t like people. It has become very clear to me that I need to make a bigger effort to get to know people. Even just little things like saying hi to individuals at the beginning of a shift, asking someone how his weekend was or complimenting a girl on her new hair cut. It’s not like I need to change my personality over night and become this super out going yappity yap girl. I just need to make an effort.

I always thought I was working at In N Out again just to make a paycheck. But maybe God actually has a purpose for putting me there. Maybe there is someone He wants me to reach out too, to love, to help. I’ll never know if I don’t lift my head up every once in a while and say “hello.” So while I am definately still going to look for a new job, I’m going to try to have a better attitude about the one I have and maybe make a bit of a difference in someone’s life before I leave.