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Bri Is Back!


Yay! I missed you, readers! A month and a half without blogging is way too long. But the craziness of the holidays has finally settled down, and I finally have a new computer that doesn’t take 5 minutes for every action, so I’m back to blogging.

Today, I’m taking some time to recap on 2011. Honestly, most of you may find this incredibly boring and I don’t blame you if you just skip it. Although at the end I tell you about a cool new photo app I found, so you may want to check that out. No, this won’t be interesting to most of you, but I’m breaking the cardinal rule of blogging today and blogging for myself. I want to remember what happened in 2011. It wasn’t an overly exciting or eventful year, but it was a good year, and maybe one day when I have dementia Joe can read this post back to me to help me remember, just like that adorable couple in The Notebook.

And so, without further ado, here is how the Alexanders lived life in 2011.

January- My dad celebrated his 50th birthday at Farrell’s and Joe started his first semester at OCC. He is studying to get his HVAC certificate so he can transfer to the maintenance department at In N Out.

Happy 50th Birthday!

February- Celebrated my dear friends birthday at the Los Rios Tea House in San Juan Capistrano. Also, my job starts to pick up pace as more clients ask me to manage their blogs and social media for them.

March- Mom and sister’s birthday is this month. Alyssa and I had Disneyland passes and we bought mom a two day pass so we could all three go together. It rained the whole day…which was amazing.

April- Attending opening game of the Angel’s 50th season…woot woot! Easter was celebrated with me and Joe’s family at my parents house, and the little Imp’s spring break gave us time to roller blade and go to Mission San Juan Capistrano.

anaheim angels baseball

Opening Day! I think that's Ambers drunk hand behind me, haha.

May- We adoped our dog, Layla, this month! She’s been a giant pain in the butt, however we adore her and are so glad we made the decision to rescue her from the shelter. Also in this month I got to spend some quality time with my friends from small group at our church’s Women’s Retreat. We celebrated Mother’s Day at Disneyland and Memorial Day by riding bikes up and down the boardwalk on Balboa Island.

orange county animal shelter

Our dog, Layla. And yes, we did name her after the Eric Clapton song

June- We took our annual anniversary trip, this year to Palm Springs. We rented a convertible, played mini golf, ate at a delicious hole in the wall BBQ joint and went shopping at the outlet malls.

July- Joe had the 4th of July off, which is rare, and we celebrated it down in San Diego at my cousins house. We had some friends of ours from Lake Hills get married, we went to more Angel’s games, we found out our sister-in-law and our good friend were pregnant and I went to another friend’s baby shower. This trend of babies continues for the rest of year!

August- At the very beginning of the month we went camping in Yosemite. I know I’ve blogged about this several times, but seriously, such a great vacation. For my 25th birthday we learned how to do Stand Up Paddle boarding, which was super fun and I want to do more of in 2012. Joe’s brother and his wife and kids visited from Maryland and we went to Disneyland, the beach and an Angels vs. Orioles game (btw, that was the most intense game I’ve ever been too. 13 innings!) A couple in our small group got married and Joe was privileged to be a groomsman. We also went to the OC Fair where I ate a doughnut the size of a plate. Phew, busy month!

camping in yosemite

Just a few of the amazing photos we took on our Yosemite trip

September- Work gets even busier and joe returns for a second semester at OCC. One of my best friends from college announces her engagement and asks me to be in the wedding. Remember that baby shower I went to in July? Well that sweet baby was born this month and she is simply adorable. We celebrated Labor Day with AMAZING seats at an Angel game, which my boss gave to us as a birthday present. Seriously, we were about 10 rows back from the Angel’s batter’s box. It was so cool! Also, I went to my first Civil War Reenactment.

October- Joe went up to Forest Home for our church’s men’s retreat. While all the guys were up there, the small group ladies enjoyed a day at Glen Ivy Day Spa, where we found out that two more girls in the group were pregnant (bringing the total to 3!) We celebrated Halloween by taking a haunted tour at the Heritage Museum of Orange County, then we went to a house party. I dressed up as a broccoli!

November- The highlight of this month was definitely the new car we got on Thanksgiving weekend! A blue Honda CRV (which I just got tinted today). We spent Thanksgiving day with Joe’s family and we all went Black Friday Shopping, which was super fun. We spent the day after with my family. Also that weekend, one of my best friends from high school got engaged! So excited for her.

buy honda crv

My new car! Its a 2007, but it looks brand new and is in such good shape. I absolutely love it.

December- We celebrated Joe’s birthday with lunch at Fuddruckers. We spent a ton of time with friends and family. We went to a few different Christmas parties, and spent the day with Joe’s family in Temecula making gingerbread houses. My grandparents from Washington came down to visit and me and the siblings went out to Arizona to visit our cousins (Joe had to work). We spent Christmas Eve at my cousins house in San Diego and Christmas day at my parents house. Joe was able to get off at a decent time on New Years and we rang in the New Year together with our good friends from college at a 90’s themed party.

WOW! Crazy year. It was definitely a spectator year…a year we watched as friends got engaged, got married and had babies! But even though those things weren’t happening to us, it was so much fun to be a part of other people’s life changing experiences. So many people were there supporting us when I graduated, when we got married, when we moved in together, and I love being able to support others through their big life adventures. And of course, we did have some pretty awesome adventures of our own in 2011 and can’t wait for more in 2012 (I’m already planning some camping adventures…)

And now for the photo app I promised you. I have a bad memory, and when I was trying to remember everything that happened in 2011 I used the pictures on my iPhone (which I only delete once a year) to help jog my memory. This year, I found a photo app called My365. You take one photo everyday and put it on a calendar and at the end of every month you can look back on a pictorial story of what you did that month. You can share your calendar and look at other people’s, although I don’t do that. My everyday stuff is pretty boring, and I’m sure everyone else’s is too, so I don’t think its necessary to share. Its just a fun app to have for yourself and your family.


Through The Eyes of the iPhone: OC Livin


Here are a few pictures I’ve taken of iconic Orange County images. All photos were taken by me, with my iPhone and edited with an app called PhotoStudio.

mission san juan capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano


things to do orange county

Angel's Stadium in Anaheim.


balboa beach orange county

Balboa Beach

theme parks orange county