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Christianity, Noah and Neon Pink Baseball Hats


When I was in third grade I scored a sweet role in the church Christmas pageant. While all my friends had to be angels with the first and second graders (what a bunch of babies, muahahaha) I got to be a dancing shepherd with the fourth, fifth and sixth graders. I honestly thought I was the coolest thing since mint ice cream. The day of the big performance came and I got my costume on. Like everyone else I had on black pants, a white turtleneck and red suspenders. However, while the other shepherds sported black baseball caps I decided to make statement and went with…are you ready?…hot pink. Blinding hot neon pink. After all, what’s the point of being awesome if nobody can see you?

Last week Joe and I led a lesson in our small group that was about how we as Christians should live differently from the rest of the world. We started talking about how hard it is to set ourselves apart from the selfish, sinful ways of society. With media, friends and the general population advocating sin all the time, its just so hard to be righteous and God fearing. Being a third grader with an affinity for pink accessories is cute, but being a conservative adult doing God’s will is often something that is mocked. It’s so hard being a Christian. Waaaa!!! *tears*

Just as we were feeling discouraged and sorry for ourselves, I remembered Noah. Most people know the general story: world wide flood, an ark, animals two by two and a rainbow.  you read the story in Genesis you will see that the Bible is very clear in explaining that every But what is often overlooked is the fact that Noah and his family were literally the only righteous people on the entire planet. Go to Genesis and read the story again. The Bible states, multiple times, that every single human EXCEPT Noah and his family was sinful. Every. Single. Human. All their friends, all their coworkers, everyone they passed on the dirt roads or in the market. Literally every single person they came in contact with every day was incredibly sinful. Amongst all of that, Noah and his family were able to live upright lives. They maintained a relationship with God,  followed his commands and were found righteous. They didn’t just wear pink hats. They wore giant, blinged out pink hats.

Today, there are thousands of Christians in different countries who have to live out their faith alone, just like Noah and his family. They live in countries that supress religious freedom and therefore cannot freely fellowship with other Christians. Many of them don’t even have Bibles to read. And yet they believe in God’s sovereignty, pray, and often risk their lives in order to do the right thing. My pink hat goes off to those people.

So the next time we feel sorry for ourselves and complain about how hard it is to be righteous in an unrighteous world, let’s take a second and realize we actually have it pretty good. Most of us have friends, family, coworkers, church family or classmates who are also Christians who we can turn to for support, encouragement and accountability. And if you really don’t know any other Christians, tell me. We will be BFFs and run around the world proclaiming Christ and wearing the biggest, pinkest hats we can find 🙂